Elisa was born in Gran Canaria (Spain). Until she was 20 years old, she lived in contact with the volcanic earth, the ocean and the wind. She took piano and dance lessons since she was 9 years old. In her search to unify music, movement and the knowledge of the human being, she found eurythmy, her passion. In 1979 she decided to travel to Dornach (Switzerland) to be trained as a professional eurythmist. From 1980 to 1984 Elisa studied Eurythmy at the Eurythmeum Dornach, Switzerland, under the direction of Lea van der Pals. She graduated with a specialization in pedagogical eurythmy. Afterwards, she studied the artistic speciality at the Eurythmie-Schule Berlin and the Eurythmeum Stuttgart. Lea van der Pals and Else Klink gave her a totally different view of art, which provided her with a contrast in artistic expression.

Member of the Else Klink-Ensemble stage group for three years, with whom she has toured the best theaters in Europe, Russia and South America, among others: Netherlands Dance Theater – The Hague, Maly Theatre (Little Bolshoi) – Moscow, Nacional Opera and Ballet Theatre of Minsk, Teatro Nacional Cervantes – Buenos Aires and Teatro Oriente – Santiago de Chile. Elisa has worked under the artistic direction of Else Klink, Benedikt Zweifel and Carina Schmid and with the choreographic support of Gioia Falk and Dorothea Mier.

She has taught courses in Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Egypt. In Spain, in addition to the courses, she has offered soloist and choral performances, doing pioneering work in this country. This pioneering activity in Spain has marked her professional career, as she has had to continually open up space for this art. On the other hand, it has allowed her full freedom in her journey as an independent artist.

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Elisa has always enjoyed the collaboration of magnificent musicians from the Conservatory of Music and members of the Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom she carries out international and local artistic projects.

In 2019 she started collaborating with SEKEM, Egypt, where she has performed with the Sekem and Heliopolis University Eurythmy Group and taught courses. Since 2023 she has been a guest teacher at the Sekem Eurythmy School.

Furthermore, she offers coaching to eurythmy students and professionals who want to advance and perfect their skills, as well as giving them choreographic support. She offers specific programs of movement as well as artistic projects to groups of amateurs from different collectives.

Aula de música y euritmia

In 1997 Elisa inaugurated the Aula de Música y Euritmia in Gran Canaria. Here she lead the first professional Eurythmy Training in Spain between 2008 and 2012.
The Aula was born from the initiative she has always had to unify the arts. It is located in Tafira, 7 km from the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Las Canteras beach. It is a rustic, quiet area with abundant vegetation. It has a 50 m2 room with a piano and dressing room, as well as a separate apartment that can be rented. Ideal for courses, seminars, rehearsals and performances.

Programme for eurythmists and eurythmy students
“Passion for art”

  • Ideal for combining rehearsal time and tourism in Gran Canaria
  • Open space for young and veterans    
  • Deepening the basic elements, artistic method
  • Acquiring technique for greater expressiveness 
  • Differentiation in movement, spatial projection
  • Explore new forms of eurythmic movement together
  • Receive choreographic support for solos and choral forms

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